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Wings of Mercy dedicated R250 000.00  towards a Winter Warm campaign. in 2017 food hampers and blankets were distributed to over 630 families for 5140 individuals during the first stage. The campaign was centered around the middle and southern part of Gaza. We look forward to expanding our reach in order to cover the distribution of supplies to more needy Gazans who are destitute and ill-quipped to deal with adverse weather conditions as a result of the ongoing siege. wings of mercy also assisted in providing and placing insulation on zinc house rooftops to add warmth and prevent leakage.


Wing of mercy dedicated R80 000.00 towards a Winter Warm Campaign. With the Grace of Ahlla SWT Winter Aid 2017 was successfully conducted for Palestinians in the city of Yata-Hebron in the WestBank. 200 families or an average of 2100 persons were gifted with winter packs that included blankets, gas heaters and lanterns.


Many Palestinian refugees suffer under unfavorable and crowded conditions in Jordanian refugee camps. These conditions become more acute during harsh winters because expenses for basic needs and warmth are increased. Many families lack basic low cost heating because there is no source of income available to them due to extreme shortage. R350 000.00 was allocated toward the provision of basic, low cost means of warmth and 400 units of each were distributed to orphans and needy individuals. For the duration of this project. Wings of mercy was able to provide families with: Blankets [400], carpets [400], Monetary Aid [400 individuals], portable storage units [400]


With the collaboration of our sister organization in Jordan [Islamic Center Charitable Association], Wings of mercy donated R150 000.00 towards the purchase of an auto Chemistry Analyser (Blood Test Unit).
The machine is capable of running assays on clinical samples such as: Blood, Serum, Plasma, Urine, Cerebrospinal fluid, Analyses relating to diseases or drugs.
Clinical chemistry analyser are used in variety of setting, including small clinics, research labs, high-throughput hospital labs. This unit will be used in a free clinic to provide lifesaving services to needy refuges.


Emergency relief aid for displaced in Eastern Ghouta, IIdib-Syria
Wings of mercy, with the assistance of its sister organization in Turkey pulled together urgent resources to timeously help those unexpectedly displaced. Urgent relief was delivered in the form of food parcels to the families displaced by the bombardment in Eastern Ghouta. R250 000.00 was urgently allocated toward providing the refugees with much needed food, blankets and non-perishables were provided by Wings of mercy


Thousands of families who don’t have a source of income cannot provide any school related items for their  children.  Merely  providing  a  school  uniform and a bag is an immense challenge due to their poor economic  situation  as  well  as  the  high  rate  of unemployment  in  Gaza.  For  this  project  we  had distributed school bags and stationary to needy and poor families students in Deir El Balah, Al Burij, and Khan  Younis  Refugee  Camps.  Via  this  project  100 children received school bags, stationery and related equipment. The joy was immediate