Winter Aid & Orphans sponsorship

Your generous donation will help the needy families and orphans to receive a winter aid and monthly sponsorship .. you can now contribute in our projects by donating through our bank account.
for more info please call:
011 837 7175 , 011 830 0001, 073 236 0929

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Better life for orphans

Our Mision

To extend a helping hand to the poor and needy of Palestine, South Africa and the Syrian refugees to try and improve the quality of their lives


To support projects that will provide essential medical, educational, religious and social services. And provide moral and financial support for orphans and needy families


To create an awareness about and keep the Southern African community informed about the various projects within these areas


To establish self-sufficient projects and programs in order to stimulate job creation and income generation to needy communities

Donate for Lebanon

Already battling against coronavirus and economic instability, the disaster in Beirut adds to the crisis for the people of Lebanon. Make a difference in Lebanon now! We provide meals and food parcels for the homeless in Beirut.

Ramadan Feeding 2020

Food parcels distribution by Wings of Mercy Foundation in Palestine. Your donations make a difference

Qurbani 2020

For many thousands of need Palestinians a meal is consisting of meat a rare luxury , This blessed occasion of Qurbani a sunnah of Mohammad ﷺ and Ibrahim عليه السلام , ensures that those who don't ordinarily have the opportunity to partake in meal that comprises of some meat, get to do so. Here is some of the Qurbani pictures that was done in Palestine and Syria by Wings of Mercy


Hundred of bags and stationereis have been distributed to GAZA Girls School on the first day of school , to assure that all the needy student will feel equal to their other friends.

Winter Project 2019

As a community who cares, we can help to provide each child with a winter parcel for this coming winter. We want to make a warm difference to the orphaned, disabled, sick and needy children.

Since 25 Years we are helping helpless people around the world.


Waiting Orphans

orphans who are waiting for your sponsorship to have a better life like their friends. And to be able to join the school and get better education.

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