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The Wings of Mercy Foundation is a registered religious, non-political, charitable organization that aims at providing for the religious, cultural and social needs of the poor and needy within the Middle East. The Foundation is run by an Executive Manager who reports to and is supervised by Trustees from various parts of South Africa.


As a stated policy, the Wings of Mercy Foundation does not deduct any administration costs from specified donations such as Zakaah, Orphan and Needy Children Sponsorship, Medical Projects, Feeding Projects or Qurbani. Administration expenses have regularly been less than 10% of the total annual budget and are drawn from the following areas in the order mentioned:

  • Donations towards the Wings of Mercy Foundation Admin Expenses
  • Unwanted interest money received from donors (used to pay for rent, bills, office supplies, etc)
  • Unspecified anonymous donations
  • Lillah funds


The following aims and objectives outline general principles that serve as a guide for the mission of the Wings of Mercy Foundation:

  • To extend a helping hand to the poor and needy of Palestine, South Africa and the Syrian refugees to try and improve the quality of their lives
  • To create an awareness about and keep the Southern African community informed about the various projects within these areas
  • To support projects that will provide essential medical, educational, religious and social services
  • To provide moral and financial support for orphans, widows and needy families
  • To establish self-sufficient projects and programs in order to stimulate job creation and income generation to needy communities
  • To support and maintain projects surrounding the upkeep of sacred Muslim sites


The Wings of Mercy Foundation focuses on the following areas for distribution of funds:

  • Child Sponsorship Programs
  • Ramadhan Feeding projects
  • Financial assistance for needy families
  • Qurbani meat distribution
  • Assisting in the establishment and maintenance of adequate medical facilities
  • Financial assistance in education projects and institutions
  • Repair, maintenance and upkeep of Mosques and Islamic centres
  • Funding job-creation initiatives
  • General development for the social improvement of the recipients

All our funding is allocated to various projects that are carried out in line with our Aims and Objectives in the West Bank, Gaza and within refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. Projects will also be carried out within South Africa and the refugee camps for displaced Syrians.

As part of its stated objectives, the Wings of Mercy Foundation of South Africa has pledged to create awareness by making information available on the following:

  • The humanitarian crisis being experienced by the people of the Blessed Land of Palestine
  • The obstacles faced by the millions of Palestinian refugees within Palestine and the surrounding areas
  • The Islamic importance of Palestine
  • The Islamic obligation upon Muslims worldwide towards Masjid Al Wings of Mercy and other holy sites


These are some questions that are commonly received by our offices. They have been published for the benefit of donors and visitors to our website.

  • Q: How do I know that the money I donate is used for charitable purposes and not any other thing?
    A: The Wings of Mercy Foundation was set up to serve as a link between needy Palestinians and the Muslim public of South Africa. We are bound by this moral obligation to ensure that the requests and wishes of our donors are carried out in accordance with their stated intentions. As the donations are specified, so we act accordingly. We have also chosen to abide by the legal framework that exists within South Africa regarding International Charitable efforts. It would not be in our interests nor those of our donors to exceed the limits of our official charitable registration in South Africa.
  • Q: What percentage does Wings of Mercy Foundation deduct from donations to pay for administration costs?
    A: Please see section on Administration Expense Policies
  • Q: How does Wings of Mercy Foundation ensure that the funds it transfers are used as directed?
    A: The Wings of Mercy Foundation maintains a very strict working relation with respective partners on the ground. All transfers take place with the approval of the South African Reserve Bank. Recipient partners are under obligation to provide reports of the projects that are carried out on our behalf. These reports are substantiated by relevant receipts of purchases of distribution of funds. They are also accompanied by photographic and where possible, video records. (see also our Policy Statement)
  • Q: How is the Wings of Mercy Foundation managed?
    A: The Wings of Mercy Foundation is managed by a Trustees. They meet monthly and are responsible for the formulation and adaptation of the policies of the Wings of Mercy Foundation. The Executive Manager is responsible for the day to day running of the organization and reports back to the Trustees.
  •  Q: Who monitors the Wings of Mercy Foundation’s activities?
    A: All charitable organizations registered in South Africa are governed by the law and the rules, regulations and guidelines determined by the Department of Social Services that monitors charities’ activities. An annual audited financial report is submitted to the Department of Social Services by the appointed auditors of the Wings of Mercy Foundation.

Listed below are some tips on how to assist the work of the Wings of Mercy Foundation in particular and the cause of Palestine in general.

  • You can tell others about the Wings of Mercy Foundation and the work it carries out. We would be glad to send out an information pack to any interested individual or organization.
  • Contributions made by volunteers are invaluable. Whether you have expertise in a specific field (events, fundraising, IT, office work, etc) or whether you feel you don’t, we can try to assist your sincerity Insha’Allah. If you would like to assist in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us
  • Remember the Wings of Mercy Foundation when you are organizing an event. We would be glad to assist you with our promotional material, leaflets and posters as well as audio/video material (subject to availability). We might even be able to assist with a speaker (subject to availability) who can talk about Palestine and the work carried out by the Wings of Mercy Foundation.
  • Show your support by attending programmes hosted by the Wings of Mercy Foundation (exhibitions, talks, etc)
  • Donate as often as you can! It doesn’t matter if you have a donation form or not. You can make a deposit into our account from anywhere. Please specify what the donation is for and fax the deposit slip to us with your name and address so that we can send you a receipt. You can also set up a Direct Debit with your bank to ensure that your donation reaches us regularly
  • Encourage family, relatives, friends and associates to become regular contributors to the projects and campaigns coordinated and carried out by the Wings of Mercy Foundation.
  • Please inform us of any changes to your name, address or telephone details

Since the formation of the Wings of Mercy Foundation and together with the co-operation of other concerned charitable organizations, it has initiated and supported many projects in order to achieve its main objectives of alleviating poverty, providing health and medical care, advancing education, encouraging community development, assisting the orphaned and needy children, assisting widows and providing assistance to Islamic Holy sites. In addition to our once off and on going projects, we also run annual seasonal projects. These include our Ramadhan and ‘Eidul Adha appeals.

The Wings of Mercy Foundation works only with bona fide organizations that are duly registered with the appropriate local authorities. Charitable organizations and Zakaah committees which cooperate with and partner us, serve people who have a great trust in them. These are our sister organizations on the ground, best placed to assess the needs of the people.

Our work with these partners is subject to a strict funding agreement and complete accountability and transparency on how and where money is spent. They advise accordingly on how to make meaningful contributions in order to fulfil the trust vested in us by the Allah Almighty and the Muslim community of Southern Africa. We would like to continue to foster a culture of transparency and accountability in order to maintain the confidence of the Muslim community of Southern Africa in the process of serving the needy recipients of humanitarian aid.


In order to increase efficiency and avoid duplication thereby ensuring maximum benefit for the recipients, the Wings of Mercy Foundation’s stated official policy is to deal with like-minded charities both in South Africa and abroad in order to further its aims and objectives of providing humanitarian relief and aid to the people who need it.

Our commitment to accountability and transparency means that we only deal with registered bona fide organisations, not individuals, which are duly registered by the appropriate local authorities. We deal with funding partners, all of whom are highly trusted and respected by the people, and are thus best placed to assess the needs of the people and provide sound advice.

Our financial records are independantly audited on an annual basis. Financial and activity report submissions are made to the relevant authorities on a regular basis.